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Aromatic hyacinth – Find fields of them at Tulips of the Valley in Chilliwack

Would you believe that the beautiful fragrant hyacinth that is found in many a garden across the Fraser Valley and BC got it’s name from a young  Greek boy named Hyakinthos?  Apparently two gods, the sun god and the god of the west winds, who both revered Hyakinthos ended up killing the boy in a fit of jealous rage when he unintendedly got hit by a flying discuss.  The flower that grew from the boy’s blood

was then named hyacinth.

Hyacinths originate from Turkey and the middle east just like the tulip. In the 16th century the hyacinth was introduced to Europe and became popular during the 1

8th and 19th centuries.

The only field of it’s kind in Canada and all of North America.

Well believe it or not, you can now enjoy 2 acres of this beautiful flower at our tulip festival in Chilliwack, BC, just west of Vancouver.  Our fields of hyacinths are the only ones you will find in all of North America with the only other countries that grow them being the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Southern France.

Along with the hyacinth’s delightful aroma, a solid blue hue can be seen on part of our fields where our Delft Blue variety is planted.  Blue is not a colour we see in our tulip or daffodil fields.  The blue Hyacinth signifies sincerity.

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The bulb is what we grow

Just like the tulips, we grow our own hyacinth bulbs that are used in our partner business, Onos Greenhouses to force each winter and harvest as cut flowers.  These flowers are then sold at our local flower auction in Burnaby BC and travel to stores as far south as Oregon and as far west as Winnipeg.

We are excited to be able to open our hyacinth fields for you all to enjoy but it is very important that everyone respect the rope that is set up around the fields.  This bulb is extremely sensitive and very susceptible to disease meaning we can’t allow anyone to walk near or in the fields.  Take advantage of the beds placed in front of the fields or our display gardens for your close up shots of these beauties.

Have you heard of Floral Mosaics?

Check back soon for our story on how we use these beauties to create stunning works of art.