Cover photo credits: autumn.wqx on Instagram

Meal Time at the Tulips of the Valley Festival

A variety of tasty choices from our specialty food trucks

Not only do we flood the visual sense with rows upon rows of vibrant colour but we also tempt the taste buds with a delectable selection of diverse food choices from our numerous food trucks Friday/Saturday/Sundays only and the occasional weekday.

Daily Tulips of the Valley has its own Dutch Stroop Waffle stand, traditional fresh baked caramel filled waffle cookies.  In addition, on weekends, we are adding a new Dutch treat; Poffertje’s (mini pancakes) baked on a specialty gas iron.

Bringing back the tried and true

These three vendors did themselves proud last year with their amazing and delicious offerings and we are excited to have them back again for the 2018 Chilliwack Tulip Festival

  • Shake N cheese will also be back sharing their wonderful Vegan Fruit shakes and Specialty Grilled cheese sandwiches, look for them weekends and some weekdays

Embracing the New and exciting

  • The Travelling Dawg with several different turkey-based menu selections. The meals look delicious, can’t wait to give them a try.
  • Big Red’s Poutine specializes in everything poutine with fresh cut fries, authentic cheese curds and fun and fabulous poutine creations
  • Dutchlicious thrives on selling only the finest Dutch snacks & treats. Straight out of the Netherlands your taste buds will thank you! ….Oh, and our double fried, French Fries’ are the best you’ve ever tasted!!!!