The Stroopwafel : And you thought Tulips were the only treat from the Netherlands!

What are Stroopwafels ? You ask. Well I am glad you have; this delectable cookie is one you don’t want to miss!

Baked fresh on our traditional Stroopwafel grill, sliced in half while still hot and lathered with a delicious hot caramel filling.  Now just add a coffee or tea and you will be in heaven.  It is hard to stop at just one!

Where did stroopwafels originate.

Well history shows that this mouth-watering cookie actually originated in Gouda, the Netherlands.  Gouda is famous around the world for its delicious cheese, but they also can claim ownership of  these delectable stroopwaffels.

The earliest stroopwafels date back to the late 18th and early 19th century when a baker started using leftovers including bread crumbs and combined them with syrup, thus the early name for this biscuit was “armenkoeken” , “poor man’s biscuit”.

Stop by our Stroopwafel stand at our Tulips of the Valley Festival in Chilliwack this April to test out this finger-licking caramel filled treats!