Bring Your Furry Friend: Pet-Friendly Festival

Did you know we are a pet-friendly festival? That’s right! Your furry best friend is welcome on the field! There is nothing better than exploring somewhere new with your pet, and exploring through 25+ acres of floral fun can be even better while getting your dog in it as well


Let’s get real, why shouldn’t you bring your pet? Pets are part of the family too, you don’t want a family portrait while missing one of your loving members! Not to mention, making memories with your dog or cat is great! Let them sniff their way through the tulips, and leave pawprints in the mud for a classic farm experience. The mud may wash off, but the memories will last forever! 


As much as we can’t wait to see your friend, there are a few house rules we ask you to follow if you want to bring your pet! We love seeing your dog explore the tulips, but please keep them on a leash, as well as clean up any messes they leave. We don’t want to make a mess for others to step in! 

Make sure to pack what they need, however, we do offer a drink station near the bathroom for your pup. 


We are big pet people and love to see any well-behaved cat or dog. If you would like to bring an unconventional pet or a particularly large animal please click here.


Bringing your pet just made your Instagram photos 10x cuter, and we’re not mad at that. However, as much as we know that getting the best insta-worthy photo is great, please do not bring your pet in between the rows of tulips, as it causes damage. Instead, we offer photo-ops around the field that you are able to use, that will give the best photo with your pet! 

Like always, make sure to tag us and #ChilliwackTulipFest to share your wonderful moments with your pet at our festival! You might even be featured on our account!