We’re already experiencing an incredibly busy Tulip season!

Grab Your Tickets!

Tickets purchased online have priority entrance to the field, and if online tickets sell out and parking reaches capacity, we will not be able to accommodate those without online tickets!

A few other benefits of purchasing ahead:
・Advanced pricing saves you a few bucks on each ticket 💸 – $5/person at General Admission rates!
・Less time in the line means more time in the tulips 🌷 – but remember not to go right in the rows! 😉
・Secured tickets for the beautiful weekend ahead ☀️ – cross your fingers that the forecast holds out! 🤞

Wondering about the best time to visit the fest with a little less stress?
・ Weekdays are always quieter than weekends – come see us Monday – Friday if you can! 📆
・Our 5pm and 6pm time slots are always a great option, any day of the week – you can also get those evening golden hour shots for the ‘gram! 📸
・Did you know we open for sunrise on the weekends?! – Our 6am through 9am time slots rarely sell out, so if you’re looking for a smooth, quiet visit, that’s the way to go! 🤫 And morning golden hour is a sweet bonus! 💐

It’s a win-win for everyone 🙌

Visit our Rates, Dates & Hours page for details on pricing, and head over to our Tickets page to snag yours now!

Get Those Tickets!